About Bottomline Results Group

BRG has been pulling thousands of dollars in refunds from vendor billing errors for over a decade. We have been able to collect refunds from the eletrical company, copier, security, detailers, janitorial services, supplies and just about every bill you pay. These billing errors have already been paid by your team and just sitting in the filing cabinet until the day you shred them, leaving an unknown about of overpayments and money on the table.

Unlike others in this industry, BRG delivers 20% – 40% measurable monthly savings. Sometimes we introduce the market’s best value and highest quality vendors/suppliers that the client wasn’t even aware because they just didn’t have time to meet them or turned down the appointment. There is no cost for our analysis because BRG shares in the savings only after you benefit on your bottom line.

At BRG, our focus is to create a win-win situation for both our clients and suppliers. Our Vendor Consolidation and Cost Savings process ensures you get the best value and lowest possible operating cost, while maintaining high quality service.

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For additional information contact us at (888) 968-8727 or contact us by filling out our short contact form.